ProSoul Games' League: Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced!

by ProSoul Games



ProSoul Games would like to introduce a new system that will fit every threat level and will never be canceled, And that system is....
You want to play your favorite game with real people and we want to help you do it. We will do the work you just play your game!

Entry: $10

Get Tickets Here!

Prizes: 6 ProPoints per round win + 1 Non-current OTS pack
One silver ticket will be awarded to the most wins during the month

Rounds: 4 - once a week for a month!

Format: Advanced

Deck: You must use the same deck over the course of the month. If any cards get banned from your deck mid month, they will continue to be legal in the league until the end of the month

Communications: Please ensure that you are logged into the Store discord channel to ensure your pairings and reporting.

Pairings: Every one that pays an entry fee will be put in to our league for the month. We will contact you each week with your parings!

Time and place: Players are responsible for arranging a time and place to play. These arrangements need to take place inside of a league approved three-way communication with leagues officials, so that we can monitor activity. You can play your matches wherever you and your opponent agree. Home, work, park, online etc. If players want to play at the store, make a reservation here. You can play any day of that week at any time!
Be sure to report you games promptly to the league organizer.

At the end of the month come on in to ProSoul Games to get your prizes!


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