Silver Tickets

by ProSoul Games

What is a silver ticket? I thought this was about golden tickets? What is a golden ticket? 

You have questions and we have answers. Good job too, or this blog post wouldn't make much sense. 

What is a Silver Ticket?

Silver tickets are our answer to the craziness that is Covid-19 and the need to keep friends and family safe while complying with local laws and guide lines. 

Each Silver Ticket acts all year long as a 10% off coupon for every purchase over $20 in the store. 

Each Silver Ticket will have ten spots for stamping; more on this later.

How do I earn 10% of my purchases...I mean a Silver Ticket?

We have a couple of ways for you to earn these tickets right now.

  1. Each of our leagues has a silver ticket prize that can be won every month
  2. We have a SweepStakes drawing once every month for a Silver ticket this is the link to those rules.....
  3. Each month we will have a leaderboard in the store for largest single purchase. Whichever customer has spent the most on a single trip to the cash register each month will be rewarded with a silver ticket good for the rest of 2021.

This seems like your Golden ticket program why Silver Tickets?

Golden tickets did confer a 10% discount as well.

Golden tickets also have other perks, A totally swinging special event with prizes, special guests, atmosphere, and more. Golden tickets also confer special privileges and access to the world of ProSoul. 

These are things we can't currently offer. We want to offer them. We yearn to offer them. We will again one day offer them.

However until we can, we can only offer Silver tickets. Silver Tickets that come with ten stamps,

So what are the stamps for?

For Alchemy. Stamps are how you can turn your Silver Ticket, Gold. We will be constantly monitoring the situation around Covid safety measures. As soon as we are convinced that we will be able to provide the real Golden Ticket experience once again we will 

  1. Have a party (no seriously we are gonna throw a "Hurray, we didn't die!" party and you are already invited)
  2. We are gonna to unveil our super secret stamp program.

The stamp program will tell you how you can gain stamps. Once you have stamped your Silver Ticket ten times you will receive a Golden Ticket that conveys all the special privileges and status that we can offer. You will also be allowed to pick one of the very limited Year End Golden Ticket Event seats for us to put your name on. It will be yours and no one else can have it.


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