The (near) future of in-store events at ProSoul Games

by ProSoul Games

For many of our regulars, not being able to come down to the store has been very traumatic. Seeing friends, engaging in a favorite hobby, and getting a reprieve from family and work are among the reasons we opened the store to begin with.

We miss you all too!

We have been working with the city and the county to develop a plan for safe in-store play. The last thing we want to do is help spread a deadly disease; to our loved ones or yours.

We believe that we have a plan that will meet both hopes.

We will be testing this plan with the Core 2021 Prerelease. Event details here.

Watch the store calendar for other events as we add them.

Here are some of the things that will be different for your new in-store event experience.

  • We will only be holding 1 event at a time
    • Magic, D&D, Board Games, or whatever group will have the whole back room to themselves
    • There will be no table space for side games
  • Only members of the same household will be allowed to sit together
    • The playroom is set up to allow 6 foot spacing between players at all times; even during game play
    • ProSoul Games is coming up with plans and equipment to assist players in being able to play while maintaining 6 foot spacing
  • Masks will be encouraged, but not required
    • If possible, ProSoul Games will have masks for sell
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to all event attendees.
  • Tables will be sanitized  after each players use
    • This includes between rounds
    • Players may be asked to help with the sanitation process, in order to expedite rounds
  • No on-site food consumption will be allowed
    • Drinks with closing lids are fine
  • As always, if you are not feeling well, or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home

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