40K Warhammer Saturday
Warhammer 40,000

We are excited to be bringing you a Weekly Warhammer event day. 

The format for our event will be structured to allow for two things. First is prizes. We want to be able to offer you prizes for participating in this event. The only way to make that fair is to have structure. The second is accessibility. We still have some restrictions on space and time for events. With this in mind we have designed our event to allow for the maximum number of people to have the best experience possible in our store. 

Currently each event will be 1000 points matched play. 

The Tournament will be 2 rounds of swiss.. 

Each week will have different missions. 

Prizes will be 8 Pro-Points per win. 

Don’t have a thousands point army yet? That is fine we have a Space Marine (Minotaurs) List as well as all the needed rules. that you can play with.

Don’t know how to play matched? Don’t worry we are happy to explain everything what you need to know.

Don’t have the rules for 9th edition memorized? You’re not alone and our staff will be happy to help those you are new or returning to make sure they have a good time.

Please come in early to ensure we can start on time.

8 Pro-Points per win.


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