Demo Shelf

Staff Picks

The top row of the Demo Shelf contains some of the favorite games from our staff memebers. Staff members are free to pick their picks for any reason they like. Some pick their picks because of how much they enjoy them with their friends or family. Some pick their pick because they are easy to teach to the community. Some pick their picks because they were told to, buy gum. Regardless of why they made their decision, these shelves give our staff a little opportunity to express their own personality in the store, and a way to connect to the community we love to serve.

On Rotation!

This row of demo games gets rotated regularly. Often, after featuring a game during our Organized Board Game Night on saturdays, we will add the featured game to this row. Whenever a game comes on, the oldest comes off. Remember a game that used to be on this row? want to play it again? Check our stock to see if we have it for sale, or talk to the owners on Board Game Night!. It may be in their peronal collection. They often dont mind bringing out other games for Board Game Night.