Battle Styles Boosters

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    This Product is for Pre-order only at this time. It has an estimated shipping date of 03/19/2021.

    The Sword & ShieldBattle Styles expansion will include Battle Style Pokémon such as Single Strike Urshifu V, Rapid Strike Urshifu V, Single Strike Tyranitar V, and Rapid Strike Empoleon V, among others. Combine previously introduced VMAX mechanics with the new Battle Styles, and you get Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX in their Gigantamax forms.

    Here's what else you can expect from the Sword & ShieldBattle Styles expansion coming out in booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes, and special collections:

    • 60 Battle Styles cards

    • 12 Pokémon V and 16 full-art Pokémon V

    • Six Pokémon VMAX

    • 19 Trainer cards and six full-art Supporter cards

    • Two Special Energy cards

    Booster - $5.00
    Booster Display - $150.00

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