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    Like our leagues, the goal of this subscription service is to help each one our players enjoy the games they love while we are unable to host games .

    Subscription cost: $10

    Subscription services:

    We are here to provide you with the materials and organization that new and experienced players enjoy meeting and playing games together.


    Each month ProSoul Games will pick 4 games for subscribers to play. Each month will have a theme.

    January: Worker Placements (Lords of Waterdeep, Gates of Mara, Dragon's Gold (out of print), and Stone Age)

    February: Engine Builders (Gizmos, Machi Koro, Splendor, and Tiny Towns)

    March: Tile Games (Azul, Traintopia, Carcassonne, and Patchwork)

    April: Spelling

    May: TBD

    June: TBD

    July: TBD

    August: TBD

    September: TBD

    October: TBD

    November: TBD

    December: TBD


    Each week players will be podded into groups to get together and play the Board Game assigned to them for that week.

    Since players are re-podded weekly, you may end up playing the same game more than once, and may not play a game at all in a month.

    ProSoul Games will make sure that a player in each pod owns the assigned Board Game, or lend the pod a demo copy.

    Members will be podded with new and experienced players to ensure a fun and immersive play experience. 

    Players will be responsible for scheduling their play times, and locations. 

    Silver Tickets:

    At the end of each month, players will be asked to vote for another player for MVP. Your vote can be on whatever criteria you wish; most helpful teacher, most fun adversary, best crushing defeat, etc. The player voted MVP will be awarded a Silver Ticket. For more information on Silver Tickets see here.

    End of month:

    At the end of the month, players may purchase a copy of any of that month's games for 10% off. Subject to availability. Does not combine with other offers.

    Each person will be expected to act in a manner consistent with the values of ProSoul Games and good manners. 

    Any member of the service who is acting in an inappropriate manner will be removed from the service.

    - $10.00

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