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Community Golden Ticket Board by Ashton Chapman
Golden Tickets Full Video by Ashton Chapman

The Golden Ticket Program at ProSoul Games

Over the course of 2022 players will have the opportunity to earn Golden Tickets in each of six different game systems:
Magic: the Gathering
Dungeons and Dragons
Warhammer 40k
Board Games


Golden Tickets offer players 2 opportunities.:
First, they are a reusable coupon for purchases over $20. In fact, they are the ONLY discount that we offer that stacks with other discounts. (Golden Tickets do NOT stack with each other)
Second, they are an exclusive invite to a Golden Ticket party during ProSoul Games’ New Year’s celebrations. The Golden Ticket event is different for each game system. But all of them offer exclusive opportunities. See the below 

See how to win a Golden Ticket for each game system by viewing their Golden Ticket board.

See the store's calendar from Dec 30-Jan 1 for details on each program's year end event.


Golden Tickets are a way for ProSoul Games to give back to the players and communities that have supported us all year. As such, the more activity each game system has over the year, the more rewards offered at the Golden Ticket New Year’s event.

Golden Tickets are a way to bring together so many of the communities that make ProSoul Games great.


Each game system has a series of incentives that can be unlocked by earning multiple Golden Tickets. For some systems, these will be prizes. For some systems this will be swag or opportunities. See each system’s Golden Ticket Board to see how to unlock new incentives.

There are also rewards to the community as a whole; based on the combined activity of all of the supported game systems. Each time 28 incentives are unlocked, a community wide incentive will be unlocked.


Players may win up to 1 Golden Ticket per game system. Players that have won a Golden Ticket in a game system will be removed from races on that game system’s Golden Ticket Board.

Players may achieve only 1 race step per day per race. So you cannot race through a race all in one day. 


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