We want you to gather, play, And compete with us. To reward you for your hard work we have our Golden Ticket Program! Our unique incentive to give you one more reason to enjoy what we have to offer!

Why Do I want a golden ticket? Is there Chocolate?


To answer why you would want a golden ticket, they come with two very special powers


First, they are a reusable coupon for purchases of over $20.  

  • You will receive 10% off of every qualifying purchase for the rest of the year if you show your golden ticket. 
  • This does stack with other discounts. It was already 10% off? Great! Get 10% off the reduced price! 
  • This does not include entries into events. 
  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other Golden Tickets or to affect prizes. 


Second, they are an exclusive invite to a Golden Ticket event during ProSoul Games’ New Year’s celebrations. 

  • You can’t come to these events unless you have a Golden ticket with your name on it.
  • What will we do at the event? FUN STUFF!!!
  • The Golden Ticket event is different for each game system. But all of them offer exclusive opportunities. These events cost you NOTHING!!!!! 
  • Board games tickets will get you into a Board Game event, Magic to a magic event and so on!
  • Events are subject to community interaction and availability. ProSoul does not guarantee any level of event or prizing only that we will try to make real those prizes that are unlocked through the year. 

No Chocolate

Okay now that you have convinced me I need a Golden Ticket how do I get one?

 By playing games!

Need more specifics? Fair enough. There are two ways to get your very own personal Golden Ticket. 

  • First, you could attend any of our Golden Ticket Events and be a winner. These events are specially marked events that have a Golden ticket as a prize. Sometimes you get the prize for being the most undefeated. Sometimes you get the prize by being the best sport. Each event is different so check out the details! Look for events here!

  • Second, you could be the first to complete a golden ticket race. Each race has four steps, these must be completed in order, with no more than one step a day being completed. The first person to complete the steps gets the ticket and then we start a new race!

Each race is unique with four fun steps. Some will have you bring new people, some will have to learn new things, all will revolve around making our store a better, more fun place to hang out and play. We think you deserve a reward for helping us out sooo Golden Tickets!


Golden tickets are great, come play games and get one!!

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