What is Magic: The Gathering?

In Magic, you take on the role of a wizard and use energy from the land to summon magical creatures, or cast spells that do something in their own right. Dragons, elves, goblins, controlling time, or burning things. These and more are all at your disposal. You duel your opponent with these spells and creatures. Completely customizable to how you want to play the game. 

Each of the five colors in Magic represent a different philosophy and a different playstyle. Choose your color(s) to decide which type of land you’ll be drawing resources (mana) from and what type of Magic you’ll wield.

At a glance, Magic is a trading card game filled with strategic battles and unique card decks. But Magic has always been bigger than the box. Whether you’re having fun at the kitchen table, or battling in a high-stakes competition, there’s a place for you in Magic: The Gathering.