Submitting a Buylist

When you are ready to submit a list of cards to sell us, make sure you are logged into your account then click here.



Wanna get the best bang for your buck?

Well, there is a simple rule when selling your used product; the more effort you put in, the more money you get. Remember this as you decide what of the following options you choose for selling your stuff.

Common Terms


  • Buylist - A buylist is the type of order you make when you want to sell specific items to the store using preapproved buylist prices, posted on our website.
  • Bulk - A bulk offer is made when we don't take time to analyze each item in your collection, but rather make a quick offer on the collection as a whole.
  • Singles - Trading Card Games singles are individual cards that have been separately analyzed to be have value.


Selling cards at the counter


  • Have 5 or fewer cards to sell? Bring them to counter and we will buy them with no charge!
  • Have 6 or more cards to sell? We will still buy these cards at the counter, but we do have a 10¢ per card transaction fee.
  • Want to avoid the transaction fee? See the next selling option.

Selling cards through ProSoul Games' Website

Buylists get you the most money for your cards.

You can do this from the store's kiosk, or from your own phone, tablet, or computer! To make a buylist you must have or make a customer account on the website.

Having troubles making a buylist?

Ask a store associate for help. We would be more than happy to show you how to do it. Or for an educational video about how to use our sites buylist function, click here.


Bulk Rates

Unsorted - 1¢ per 100 cards
Sorted Commons - 1¢ per 100 cards
Sorted Uncommons - 1¢ per 10 cards
Sorted Rares - 1¢ per card
Sorted Mythic Rares - 2¢ per card

Retirement Plan
Getting out of Magic entirely? Don't want to take the time to sell your cards as singles? Bulk prices too low for your prized collection?
Schedule a time to meet with one of our Magic Specialists, and we will make an offer. Offer must be made on the collection as a whole.


None of these options work for you?

You could sell your used product yourself. There are a lot of great options for this, but we thought we might give you a heads up on some common pitfalls.


  • Time Selling your stuff yourself usually takes more time than people realize. To be successful, online listings require detailed descriptions, good pictures, and communication with buyers. Then, when you get a buyer you usually have to ship it, deliver it, or meet up with the buyer. All these things take time. Is it worth the increased payment on what you are selling?
  • Fees Most larger reseller sites, like Ebay or TCGPlayer, charge a fee for selling on their site. Is the increased payment you are getting going to make up for this fee?
  • Fraud If you are new to selling online, there is a community of scumbags just waiting for you to show up. The individuals will order your product from you and then claim they never got it. Site managers will usually side with the seller if they have a history of successful sales. But if you are a new seller, they will usually side with the fraudulent buyer. Are you savvy enough to know the signs of a fraudulent buyer?
  • Pricing Honestly, most people have an inflated idea of what their used product is worth. At the end of the day, it is not worth what you paid for it, or what someone SAYS it is worth, but what a person will ACTUALLY give you for it. 






  • 18 and older - You must be 18 or older to sell items to the store. A legal guardian may approve the selling of items for a minor.
  • Identification - We require a copy of legal identification if the total of items being sold to the store is $50 or greater.
  • Check - Cash purchases are subject to cash available. We may have to offer a check instead of cash. Check availability subject to manager availability.
  • High Value- Transactions exceeding $200 cash require management approval.
  • Fake Cards- We check all Trading cards to confirm authenticity. If we discover any non authentic trading cards among those that are sold to us we will not purchase any cards from that order. We do not return fake cards.
  • Abandoned Cards - After we evaluate cards we will attempt to confirm price with the customer. If we do not get confirmation within 30 days we will add store credit equal to the offer to the customer account and take custody of the cards
  • List Changes - Even with you putting in the buylists we have to pay our staff to double check cards and ensure accuracy. If after we have assessed your list you decide to not sell we will return your cards to you but will charge a $.10 Per card handling fee. We do not make continued changes to any buylist. Once it has been checked it can be returned to the customer or sold to the store. We will not add or remove cards. This applies only to user submitted buylists. Other rules apply to other time of singles sales.
  • Final - All transactions are final. Store Credit - Get 50% more on all non-Singles transactions when you take store credit instead of cash. Singles have their own bonus for credit listed on the website.
  • Offers Expire - From time to time we may have to update these offers. Check in-store for our current buy prices.